20,000 discs, zero problems, 'nuff said. Joël Fafard     ... goes above and beyond to make it all come together ... we’re looking forward to working with you again. Brad Johner & The Johner Boys     ... over 15 years and 100,000 CDs ... one of our favorite business relationships. Chris Martin of HOJA     ... all of my solo albums, and some Pikes albums, were put together and manufactured with Don at the helm. Jay Semko     Don treats all my projects with care and respect ... no need to look further. Lyn Besse McGinnis     ... represents a standard that I am always confident to endorse to all of my clients. Kelvin Funkner NCR     ... courtesy, patience, perseverance, and professionalism show how high he sets the bar. Gabriel Dumont Institute     ... a quality product on time, as per quote. Agriculture Canada     ... we would recommend him to anyone. The Karpinka Brothers     ... was able to deliver them on time with zero issues and at a really competitive cost.  I’ll come back here with my next order for sure. Jeffery Straker     I can always count on Don to provide creative solutions to professional challenges with an upbeat communication style. Jack Semple

DVD and Blu-Ray

Replication & Duplication

SaskMedia Duplication Services uses only licensed facilities for your Video DVD, DVD-ROM and Blu-Ray Replication  needs. To manufacture a disc, the process always begins with glass mastering, which is derived from your  Master source and yields a metal nickel  stamper which is used to injection mold the final disc's data layers. In this process, we actually melt polycarbonate pellets to manufacture a custom DVD or Blu-Ray from your very own Glass Mastered Stamper. Once the discs are molded, we use specialized silk screening, digital printing equipment and fully automated disc packaging machines to add the finishing touches.


At times, you may need a very quick service to duplicate a low number of DVD or Blu-Ray discs in a hurry. If you need less than 250 DVDs or Blu-Ray discs quickly, DVD-R (DVD recordable) and BD-R (Blu-ray recordable) duplication may be the best choice for you. If you need help choosing between replicating and duplicating your project, contact us and one of our representatives will be pleased to explain the difference and help you decide what is best for your needs.


For more information about our DVD & Blu-Ray services or to request a quote, contact us anytime.

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